Saturday, 13 November 2021

Warlord Games US Paratroops.

I have been playing Chain of Command but using the Cards I made up for Troops Weapons and Tactics for activation. I found this really good for Solo play.  One of the issues I found was that I have not enough US Paratroopers to make up a full Platoon. Looking around I found that Warlord Games also make Early Uniformed Paras, so hoped that they would look ok with my Black Tree Design figures. I ordered a Section Pack and a Pack 75. When they arrived I found that they had better detail and were a similar size to the BTD figures. I tried a paint job that was better and yet fitted in with the older figures. I may go back and repaint the Helmets on all the figures at some point as I was not really happy with the match or look.

Of course there are too many SMG's so will use the left overs as HMG or Pack 75 crewmen.

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