Tuesday, 11 January 2022

Luftwaffe Ground Troops.

These figures were bought in a large order from Ebay which a mate and I shared years ago. On receiving my share I found that I didn't like these figures at all. The issue I had with them were that they had equipment in odd places and weird looking weapons. The sculpting of the heads and other proportions were also a bit odd.

With no use for them I made them into Zombies by drilling holes and doing other damage to them. I think they were only used in a game once as dismounted tank crews. So having some spare Bolt Action heads left over from my Bunker Crews (still on my workbench) I decided to strip, repair them and do some head swaps. One of them got an MG34. The Officer is from another bulk buy and is a WestWind figure. I did one base coat of Field Grey and still didn't like them. I then thought of painting them as Luftwaffe troops. I already have an 88, a 20mm Cannon and a quad with not enough troops to man them so these would be handy. They can also be used as 2nd class troops.

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