Saturday, 19 February 2022

Allo Allo, this is Night Hawk calling.

 As a break from my usual painting over Christmas, I dug out some Resistance figures from the stock pile. These are a mix of Artizan, Black Tree Design and Crusader. I tried to undercoat using The Zenithal method but found it hard to do with spray cans. I also found it very hard to paint as the colours seem to lack depth but was easier on my eyes. I think next time I will try spraying Grey and then do a black wash. I'd like to buy a few more figures when I do another order from North Star.

When basing I felt it wrong to put Rene and Yvette on earth bases as they were dressed for working in the Cafe. The others; Maria, Mimi, Michelle of the Resistance and the other Resistance fighters were done for the Countryside.


  1. Two very nice groups of troops there. I agree with your basing philosophy.

  2. Lovely stuff! I can hear the accordion playing...

  3. Oooh, nice.
    Will Chain of Command fit such small groups?

    1. I guess when I find someone to play with then I will find out. I've seen some Dutch Resistance used in a Lardy event but don't know what rule mods they used (if any).

    2. I had a think about it. All you would need to do would be to pay the points for a Green Support squad with a Junior Leader.

  4. Very nice figures. I hadn’t seen the Rene figure before so I think I’ll have to chase him up.


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