Saturday, 30 September 2017

Sisters rebasing

 Not much to report other than finishing some bases for some of my Sisters Of Battle. I also put some ink on some of the blonder hair and dry brushed a bit of detail here and their just to improve things a bit. I am not going to do a total make over as I really don't have time and kinda like the old paint jobs.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

2nd British 24th Company

Finally finished my 2nd unit of British Infantry for AZW. As mentioned in an earlier post I delayed finishing these as I did not like the two static figures in the marching unit. I have now based these two figures as a Command unit and have replaced them with ones from Casting Room. I like the casting room figures as they work well with Black Tree. (well some of them do) There are issues with feet looking like blobs with absolutely no detail on them, and the officers lower tunic was really rough and looked like something had been scraped off just prior to casting. I am not sure what instrument the other figure is using as it looks too big to be a bugle and more like a Trumpet. However they have painted up quite well. I have included a few close up photos so you can see for yourself if you like them. The Chaplain figure is from Black Tree Design.

Edit, looking at the post I have just realised that I did not paint the braid on the Officers Cuffs correctly.

Saturday, 9 September 2017

New additions to my Sisters of Battle Army

I had assembled an Immolator just before I went away on holiday, and also painted a squad of Repentia and have just finished them off. I had not decided on how to base them as I wanted to redo the old bases.  The basing issue was really easy in the end. I just repainted using watered down house hold paint which is the colour I use on all my other projects. I really wanted to do Urban ruined style bases but thought that this would be hard to do without stripping the wood chip from the bases. Luckily I still have plenty of the old wood chip still in a container.

I practiced repainting the basing on these sniper figures. I have no recollection of why I painted these to fit in with my SOB Army! Possibly to fit in with my Cultists?

Some of my paint stock has changed over the years but I still had a pot of Citadel Colour Elf Flesh which is a bit like porridge but still usable. I did not realise that this had in fact lightened over the years so I was not really any better off than using something else. My Imperial purple has long since dried up and so I had to use Liche Purple which is a bit lighter. Fortunately GW's reds have not changed much so they matched quite well. I have recently leant that Vallejo's game Colour is compatible with the old GW colours so will have to check them out.

An old Immolator is on the left, new is on the right.

I painted the Repentia to match the old Army which is a bit different to how I would paint them if this was a new Army. Play standard rather than Competition standard. (As if I could paint that well these days lol) The red was nicely highlighted before I sealed the figures. I might have another go at them.

I have just grabbed a couple of squads to repaint the bases as I have nothing else ready to paint right now. I am cleaning up some AZW British Infantry but the two undercoats take a few days to apply so  might as well do something useful with my spare time.

Friday, 1 September 2017

V-100 Commando and prisoners.

This Verlinden V-100 Commando has been kicking around my painting area for awhile. It was almost finished just before I went on a three week holiday to Thailand and Cambodia with my partner. I will try and find some relevant photos of that later but did not see much Military related to talk about.

The Commando is a pretty solid bit of resin. The only worry I have is that the mg barrels will be broken with rough handling, luckily they did supply two sets of spare barrels.

The Commander is a cut down West Wind figure, while the driver has a Warlord WW2 head and greenstuff body.

Like always I was really happy with the paint job, and then I clear coated it which made it go all dark again. However I am happy with how it turned out but will add some stowage and further matt down the decals.

The prisoners were converted from TAG's civilian hostage pack. The US figure has lower legs that were removed from the V-100 Commander figure. I forgot to add pockets on his trousers till the painting stage. Some of the details on the Vietnamese figures aren't quite right but does it matter?

Sunday, 9 July 2017

2nd British Company WIP

These figures are ready to base and varnish but just when I finished the Red jackets a parcel arrived the next morning. This parcel contained some figures from Casting Room Miniatures. A couple of packets of British Characters, some Pioneers and a unit worth of Swazi. One of the packets of British has some marching Command figures which would fit in nicely with these painted figures. I was never happy to use the two standing figures that I have painted for this, so I will wait to finish these two additions before basing this batch. The two left over figures I can use somewhere else.

If you normally find my posts from the links that I post on TMP I'd like to apologise. For reasons of harmony there is a Temporary Ban on non-supporting members posting there for two weeks. I might start posting photos on another Forum again but sometimes feel a bit embarrassed to start a thread of my photos and then find that I am really slow in updating, and that it drops from view.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

8th edition of 40k.

You might wonder why I am suddenly talking about 40k? Well in the late 1990's early 2000's I collected quite a bit of kit. Most I sold off as I only managed to play a couple of games as I was heavily into FOW at that stage. I had a painted Sisters of Battle Army that I always liked and could not bare to part with. Similarly I had collected a pile of Imperial Guard kit which was mainly Valhallans and some Catachans. I really liked the sculpting of the Valhallans and also the metal Catachans. The plastic Catachans really put me off as I could not make them look very good but still have a pile of them. Recently the manager of the local GW shop befriended me on Facebook where I learnt about the new version of 40k. Today I bought Imperium2 and the new rules. Surprisingly I have spent most of the afternoon and evening reading both. I don't usually read that much. I also got out my Sisters to try and work out how to organise them. I think I can make an Army fairly easily as I also have quite a few figures and one Immolator unpainted. The Exorcist is a scratch build as there were no models available at the time or even a list other than Chapter Approved. Some of the painting needs an update as I was changing over from Enamels at the time.