Friday 3 February 2023

Movie Panzers, a fun project.

 While watching Rouge Heroes the German M48 got me thinking of the Plastic Toy M60's I have stashed away. Not having any M47's like that used in the Battle of the Bulge Movie I thought I would try and imagine if that was reshot using later model Tanks. Since I had some left over Tamiya Panzer IV parts I decided to go that route. Plastic side shield's, left over bits and correct-ish paint job and decals and I'm quite happy. Not sure if they will ever be used but they could fill an empty corner in my big train station/factory building.


  1. Definitely different, fun look at personal history. Surely you will find a use for them.

    1. Maybe I should use them against my Fury Tanks (coming soon), as some of them were based on Post WW2 US Tanks.

  2. Bolt Action had a Hollywood tiger- this could be similar.


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