Monday, 25 May 2015

Helicopter stand step by step build.

I finished two of the low stands tonight and a tall version. I took photos of the tall version so anyone else can copy my method.

Step one. Buy some plastic Martini party glasses.

Step two. Put a rivet head into a TV/Radio Aerial.

Step three. Drill a large hole into the stem. I drilled a series of small holes this time and filed to shape. Last time I cracked the stem using progressively bigger drills.

Step four. Drill a hole into the base big enough for the Aerial to sit in. I have various types of Aerials so may need a different method to secure this end for the others.

Step five. Check fit.

Step six. Using plastic glue secure the base to a CD plastic blank and then glue the top to the CD blank. Use Araldite to glue the Aerial in. (Jim Rockford supervising is optional)

1 comment:

  1. Brilliant - though I would n't tackle it myself..and certainly not without the supervision of Jim Rockford obviously.