Sunday, 3 May 2015

Te Papa, the scale of our War and the National War Memorial.

I had a day out with my brother last week to check out these two displays put on by Sir Peter Jackson.
I must say that as Modellers/Wargamers we were blown away by the level of detail that has gone into the work at Te Papa. Things like the detail on the Vickers Tripod, the weave of the webbing and the metalwork. There are even fully modelled bullets to be seen inside the cartridge pouches. Remembering that these are 3up Human scaled figures everything has had to be made from scratch.

I took heaps of photos but will only post some teaser shots here as you really need to see it for yourself.  At the National War Museum there were real Uniforms, weapons etc on display. We were a bit disappointed that the Gallipoli Diorama was still being worked on and not open for display yet. I mentioned to my brother that "I wonder what else Sir Peter has hidden way in a collection (WW2)?


War Memorial.

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