Sunday, 3 May 2015

The Wargames room is almost complete.

I took last week off work so I could complete painting the last external wall. Well actually, there is a little bit to be done on another wall at ground level which does not need scaffolding. Next weekend I hope to fit the guttering so all the scaffolding can be taken away before winter sets in. Friday was the only day I could paint but I still installed some shelving and a leather couch which had all been in storage.

My partner scored these shelves for free from a shop next-door to her flat. They were moving out and these were no longer needed by them. I have now removed the lighting from the top shelf as thats where I want to store my big buildings. The centre two shelves I am planning to fit glass shelving to which is where I want to display my figures. The bottom shelves are where my books are going. I will probably be removing the lighting from there as well.

I started to arrange my US Militaria on this shelving unit. I have since been given a 94 dated Woodland Uniform and won a HBT shirt so its going to be getting pretty full. I still have work tools on my benches which needs to be tidied up.

The stereo is sitting there for the moment while I wait to get a BIGGER TV installed. Half of my 20mm WW2 collection is on the shelf below. The rest of it is on the other shelving on the other side of the room. The sheet of plywood is to be a computer desktop.

I am planning to build a computer desk in this corner using the old shelf as a support.

My partners old leather couch for me to blob out on.


  1. Great little snug. Those shelves were a great find.

  2. Great looking room! The shelves are fantastic.

  3. Cheers guys, I hope I find time to enjoy the room soon.


  4. Nice man cave! You really scored a bargain with those shelves.

  5. Looks cozy for some quality gaming!

  6. Looks fantastic. Definitely warmer than the Woolshed at this time of the year :)

    1. Yes I bet it is. I was forced to build to current building standards, which is actually great for trying to preserve my uniforms and other delicate items.


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