Monday, 25 May 2015

Base painting the Revell Helicopters

I've not been updating this for awhile as frankly base coating three Helicopters is not that interesting. I had forgotten how difficult it is painting aircraft of any kind as there is nothing to hold that will not need repainting after handling. I have gotten a bit further than the photos show as tonight I put some gloss coat on where the decals are going to go. I have also done some pin washes down panel seams.

I have only two sets of unmatching decals so am going for a generic look rather than trying to portray  a particular unit. I have also found out that Marine units did not use the armament modelled here so will use some artistic licence.

I feel that although its hard doing three of these at the same time I would probably not gotten past the second one if I had tried to do them separately.

The crashed Helicopter base is just about finished with a base coat and two highlights just done.

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