Sunday, 15 June 2014

Minarions Henschel Truck

When I saw that Minarions had produced a 1/56th Scale Henschel Heavy Truck I thought that it would be perfect for my German Pulp Gang. Its not quite the same version as in the Indiana Jones Movie but that was just a mock up of the real thing. (I had seen it in a farmers shed in Dorset while I was in the UK sometime in the eighties.)

The model was really easy to put together and more like a plastic kit in the thinness of the parts and only a very small amount of flash. When I assembled the wheels with the chassis upside down I was pleased to see all the wheels lined up. After the glue had set I turned it over to find all the wheels touched the ground. Very nice.

I felt that the chassis lacked a bit of detail so I added some storage boxes and chassis rails. I also added some tools to the Cab sides and fitted the crew which had been painted earlier.

I am very pleased with the completed Truck which will serve my Nazi's well.


  1. That looks rather good. May have to get one to go with my Spanish Civil War collection.

  2. Thanks, its a very nice model to put together.

  3. A brilliant job, congratulations!
    Some likely improvements there to think about - especially regarding chassis rails. Thanks for sharing it.


    1. Cheers, It was a pleasure to put together.


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