Saturday, 7 June 2014

Castle Guard and staff

I'd like to say that this is the last of the Sherifs Men that I will need to paint.
However I have a feeling that I have just a couple more in the Lead pile to do.

These figures are all from Crusader Miniatures with the exception of the Page holding a small shield who is from Curteys. The rest of the Camp pack will be split between the other parties.
The bases have been left in plain grey to match the interior of the Castle. These are meant to be the Castle occupants rather than members of the fighting patrols.
They are really nice figures and better sculpted than the Black Tree figures. For some unknown reason I ended up with almost three sets of the Crusader peasants so I will have to do a bit of converting when I paint them up for the other factions.


  1. Thanks, I am tempted to back and lighten the Luftwaffe blue on the other figures like I did with this batch.


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