Saturday, 28 June 2014

Soft Plastic disaster.

I don't often have a problem with this hobby which cannot be solved by a bit of research on the internet. However after trying to glue some plastic figures to GW bases to use as markers, which would keep track of points earned in our Pulp Alley Demo game. I have not found a glue which works well enough to handle the figures. So far I have tried Tamiya thick cement but several figures just fell off. I then used superglue to rebase these, but several more fell off including some of the superglued ones. I then tried PVA with similar results.

I undercoated the figures with spray paint and then tried to touch up with hand painting. However the first few figures just popped off the bases. I then flicked all the figures off the bases and gave up in frustration.

I have heard that a special Plastic's glue is available but have not had a chance to go around the DIY stores yet. I thought I could use card bases as an alternative but I really like the look of the square plinths as I wanted to make these look like tourist souvenirs.


  1. I would probably use PVA or superglue. Did you wash the figures and bases in detergent first? The mold release agent can cause a lot of adhesion problems.

  2. Hi Paul, thanks but I did wash them first and tried both Super Glue and PVA. They held for a while but not good enough for any type of handling. I thought of Undercoating beneath the bases first and then trying again with PVA. That way at least there would be something for the PVA to bind with.

  3. Drive by comment: try hot glue. It works for softer plastics like aquarium plants, so it should work here too.


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