Saturday, 26 July 2014

A star in a reasonably priced Cart.

Just finished a Chariot for my Mummy forces. The horses were from a job lot won off Ebay which are from a Foundry Ancients range (I think). They are the third set of horses which I tried out and then discarded. I tried to paint them like they were undead with skin stretched across the bones. Not sure if it looks like that? The cart was scratch built from brass rod, plastic card and some wheels off an Esci Pak 40. The rider is from the Eureka range of Chaos Egyptians.
The little chap running behind is from a Foundry Darkest Africa set with a greenstuff wrap around his shoulders.

I also finished a pack of Brigade games Archeologists and labourers and a pack of prisoners. I'm really happy how the stripes came out but it did take several nights to get them done. I had a missing pick in one of the packs so substituted a spare from Heresy which was in the spares box. It looks huge but its too late to change it now.

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