Saturday, 2 August 2014

I am losing my gaming room.

But not for long.

My partner has to move out of her current Flat which she is using for dressmaking as well as accommodation. The building needs to be earthquake strengthened before Christmas so we thought that she could use my gaming room as her workshop. We have been dating for nearly four years, so I guess it was about time to live together rather than the gypsy type lifestyle we currently have. It also means that I will have more evenings to paint which is great news.

I have had plans to build extra garaging on my property but it seems to be too hard to get past the council. As an alternative I am planning (fingers crossed) to build a purpose built games room instead on the lawn. This will have separate entry from the house and should be quite secure and also a much better environment to keep books and models in. The current room is a converted garage which can be a bit damp. I can also empty out my third bedroom which is a dumping ground for gaming storage and has a small wargames table.

Here are a few photos to illustrate what I have been using for gaming.

First up the small bedroom which looks huge in the photos and has a Bolt Action Dads Army game set up.

The large gaming room which is 6 meters by 3.5 which I have been using for nearly 16 years.

A Pulp Alley Demo game is set up to practise on.

1/35th scale models are in the glass cabinets.

The boxes contain painted figures, and note the yet to be
 converted Pirate ships gathering dust.


  1. You have a lot of nice stuff there. I like the pyramid. Best of luck in getting everything sorted.

  2. Thanks, it depends on approval from the council at the moment for a replacement room.


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