Sunday, 6 July 2014

Eureka Mummies and Skeletons.

I have just finished painting some Mummies and Skeletons from Eureka. I've had these for ages in the lead pile as when I first saw them I thought that they would be too fragile for gaming. I recently got them out again intending to use them as terrain. Some of the limbs seem too fragile so I glued some lead strips around the legs and glued the arms against the bodies as much as possible to give them more strength. I also cut the tabs off them so I could glue them to flat bases.
The Mummies came in one piece, but seem to have no plan as to how the wrapping was applied so were a real pain to paint. I think I had three attempts to get the wrapping to look ok.
I am quite pleased how these figures look but will treat them with kid gloves when gaming with them. I've had one detach himself from a base already! I also failed to match the bases to the colour of the Pyramid even though I think I've used the same colours.

I just checked on the Eureka Website and found that the range is called Chaos Egyptians. They call the Skeletons Undead Warriors and Guards.


Undead Warriors.

Undead Guard.

Chaps, your not leaving me behind are you?



  1. Nice paintwork! They have that manky buried in a tomb for thousands of years look to a T.


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