Saturday, 11 October 2014

Goodbye Old Wargames Room, hello new?

I recently mentioned that I was going to loose my Wargames room so my Girlfriend would have a workshop to use for dressmaking. I have packed up my table and moved many boxes of terrain etc into the spare room. Almost all of my 28mm figures are all in metal cases stored under my Queen sized bed and some are in my display cabinet in the lounge.

The new room is being built with the foundations ready to have the boxing removed. The speed of this has really surprised me as I only had Council Approval just over a week ago. The builder was keen to start straightaway. I have been getting quotes for windows and other building material which has been stressful but is also quite satisfying in a way. I have been posting photos on FaceBook everyday so will copy a few here.

The old games room is next to the garage and is 3.3 by 5.8. 
The new room will be 4.4 by 5.8 meters.


  1. Best luck with the builders.

  2. Good luck with the build. Looking forward to photos of the finished result.

  3. Thanks guys, I have been awake some nights thinking I'm mad for doing this, but we really need the room. Plus it should be a sound investment for when I sell the house.


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