Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Games room, cladding has started.

It feels like the building is taking longer than I expected, as there seems to be so much work in attaching brackets and other detail work. Still it should be covered in next week (hopefully).


  1. Please make sure that it is properly wired for GOOD lighting. I have been in too many "game rooms" that lacked sufficient light . . . and I'm sure that you've experienced that too.

    Particularly as we age our eyes tend to weaken . . . so overdoing available lighting is better than underdoing it.

    -- Jeff

  2. I hear you Jeff, I have big windows on either end of the building and am putting three lights down the centre of the room. There are three sets of shelving which have lights wired in which I may have to do some repair work on before they are fitted. Hopefully any more lighting needed will come from uplights which can stand in each corner if necessary.


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