Saturday, 18 October 2014

VC support stands

I have just finished some of the VC weapons stands from TAG. I like these figures as they are very easy to paint and come up well. I used a wash technique as I find Asian skin really hard to paint and this method seems to work better for me.

Today was a bit gloomy so the photos are a bit unfocused and not lit very well.

I have based the MG's with an ammo carrying figure based separately. I would like to hide these in terrain on the table and felt that a small base would work better than having all three figures on the same base.

I based the mortar crews three on a base as these are really just artillery and would be hidden at the rear on the table. I wanted them to look hidden so added a few tree trunks on the bases.

These next two figures are supposed to be Big men to command the MG and Mortar sections. I am not sure if they will actually be used as such or as spare Big Men for the Infantry sections. The pistol armed figure was converted from a RPG armed figure as they are not many suitable looking Big men figures around.

I started work on filling out my US Mortar Section with these Baker Company figures. This is the second time I have picked them up to prep and am still not happy with them. They should be decent looking figures but the mold mismatch left them with over 1mm step on the helmets. I have filed this down and then repaired with Greenstuff so hope that they will paint up ok. One figure is to be a command Big Man who may not be required for CDS. The other three are for casualty removal or just for looks.

I have thrown the Mortars in the spares bin as they are just as badly cast.

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