Saturday 20 December 2014

3D printing.

At work we were having a clear out before the Xmas break and noticed this. I knew we had started selling 3D printers but I could not even tell you what models we are selling. I have seen a few items that had been printed for a few clients, but did not think that they were good enough for gaming until I saw this.

The doors and windows look big enough for 28mm figures and what really impressed me was that it had interior detail as well. I did not see if they had printed a roof but imagine churning out these on demand for gaming?


  1. this would be a wonderful way of getting a town up and running for a zombie game. Even if they were sold without a roof I would want some.

  2. This technology could change the hobby dude!

  3. Yes, it's a game-changer alright. If the costs came down some, I can see 3D printing having a major impact on our hobby.

  4. Wow, that is cool. I seriously think 3D printing will change just about everything, but gaming could really benefit. Imagine if the costs get low enough, you can have custom minis, scenery, vehicles - all kinds of stuff. Costs need to come way down, and ease of use needs to improve. It's happening tho.

    Thanks for the peek at the house!


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