Friday, 19 December 2014

Collecting Vietnam items 2.

Yesterday I received a text message about a Helmet and two water bottles from the surplus store. So today being a Saturday I rushed down to get a look at them, despite the Xmas crowds.

The helmet is in a slightly battered condition but has the original paint. It has a chipped liner also in original paint. I checked the dates on the straps which have 67 on the helmet straps and 68 on the sweat band. So good for the Vietnam era. I must confess to being a bit confused about the seam on the helmet now as this has a rear split but conforms to the Ebay guide.

I will now be looking on Ebay for a suitable cover. However I am not sure if I want an original item, as it might be better for me to get a reproduction one to wash out several times and personalise with graffiti?

The water bottles have some wear on them but smell neutral and look clean internally. They both have 1966 date stamps on them.

I again will need to look for some covers for them.

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