Saturday, 6 December 2014

Mad Max Future War crossover.

Inspired by MadMaxVsTheHumungous I decided that I needed to add some Cars and other vehicles for a bit of Road Combat to my Future War collection. To fit in with the other figures and vehicles that I already have I needed to keep the weapons similar. I also wanted the look to be a bit more modern than the eighties and earlier cars portrayed in the movies. However I still needed an Interceptor and found a Matchbox Kids toy with swappable accessories which just happened to be on sale at the time.

I had a discussion with my brother over what this vehicle was meant to be and we thought that it was a mix of makes. My brother owned a Ford Falcon XB GT Sedan and has an early 70's Mustang, I owned an XC sedan as well so we both knew that it was not an XBGT Fastback. The closest that we can figure that its similar to an Camaro with the back jacked up. I also think that there is something Ford like going on at the front end.

I added Warrior Woman as the Car needed some armament. I added some more details with Greenstuff. Max can also fire his shotgun out of the side windows. I have a Reaper figure of Max painted up in a drawer somewhere. I normally use him as The Terminator and plan to get the Studio Miniatures version to use as Max.

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