Saturday, 4 April 2015

More Vietnam Militaria.

I bought a 3rd pattern Jungle fatigue jacket from Ebay. I paid more than the one I missed out on Trade-me, but this looks in much better condition and would be from unissued stock. The only issue I can see with it is some small black marks which is probably mould.

I also bought a Bayonet and entrenching tool.

The Bayonet has some serious knicks on the blade and has a broken edge on the handle. You cannot tell once its sheaved though. The M51 entrenching tool cover was bought locally on Trade-me. The seller came around to my house and gave me a choice of three. He explained that he had found a crate full of them in his Father In laws shed. I chose the one with the best labelling. The tool was bought at the local Comrades store. I figured that there would be a bidding war once the crate full of covers was sold. So went with a 44 model tool for the moment. It has original paint on the handle and Yugoslav Army green paint on the blade.

I also dug out a British pig sticker Bayonet from my spare room. I am a bit angry with myself as it has always been in good condition since I bought it at the age of 12 or 13 in the early seventies. (Much to my Mums horror). I have normally kept it in a drawer where it has been ok but recently left it outside on the top of the drawers where it has rusted up.

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