Saturday, 4 July 2015

Making trees 2

Well since I am still waiting for the foam to dry I have gone to work on my Woodland Scenics trees. I moved the wet foam to my conservatory to dry as its winter here. It may have been a bad idea to start making this when the weather had its 4th coldest temperature recorded for June in New Zealand. I still think the foam looks a bit too lumpy and may need another go in the blender.

I made a few packets of the smaller trees for my FOW terrain years ago so am familiar with the process.  I first sprayed the trees with a black under coat, then a brown gloss spray and then finally a matt varnish. I wish I could still buy the brown undercoat that used to be available as then it would have taken one coat of spray.

I use Uhu Glue POR type  for sticking on the foliage. Meant for Expanded Polystyrene foam, It takes a few minutes to go off so you end up with sticky fingers which can get quite annoying. Especially if your partner is trying to give you a cuddle at the same time.

 I used two of the colours that came with the trees but used some old foam when I ran low. I did not use the really dark green foam and will use that for another project. The foam that came with the trees did not clump well together so something else was needed to hold it together. Once the glue had dried on the trees I sprayed them with Artists Varnish. So far the trees look good but I still need to flock the bases.

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