Sunday, 12 July 2015

Making trees 3

I sometimes wonder if I am lurching from one disaster to another or am happily experimenting with making these trees? I suspect that I am somewhere in the middle at the moment.

Since the flock has failed to hold together in clumps like I wanted. I have had to come up with a way to attach the small bits to the trees which have no branches, only trunks. Remembering that I had some left over wire mesh from the games room building project. I cut and folded this up and then sprayed brown to make a framework to hold the flock. I then hot glued this to the trunks and started to attach the flock. Well I first tried to put some glue on the frames and dropped them into the flock for ten minutes using what I thought was fast acting PVA. It was supposed to set quickly but actually failed to hold about 80% of the flock! I then used UHU glue to attach to the mesh but it took so long to do I have had to put them aside to have a rethink.

I think a closer mesh or weaving suitable coloured pipe cleaners into the mesh would allow me to use PVA with a large brush. This would be much easier to do and faster. I can then add bits with UHU where needed.

I am quite happy with the look as these would be good for Sherwood Forrest or triple canopy jungle. I may end up using my spray brush to highlight the colour but that is buried in my garage at the moment.

I am happy to report that my Woodland Scenics trees have come out quite nicely. The tree in the centre front is actually an off cut from the same bush that I am using in the photos above.

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