Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Frostgrave, terrain and first Warband

I dug out some old church ruins I built when I thought that I would be playing 40k, but that never happened so they have been gathering dust for years. I added some tufts from GW and then some Gale Force Nine snow. I experimented with the snow as there were no instructions that I could find as to how to apply it. I ended up mixing it with some cheap white poster paint and just laid it on some white paint that I had put down just before hand. Some places I did not bother as I had some left over so just plonked it on which seemed to look ok. I now just remembered that I had intended to use some wet look paint from AK Interactive which I might do later.

I have also just finished the Necromancers Warband. I was going for an evil twisted look and think that the figures look ok but just a little bit dark. I might have another go at photographing them later on as in game shots tend to look better.


  1. Very nice stuff there, We're doing a Frostgave "challenge" next month where we have to paint up a 300point warband, just finishing of the last conversion figure now ready for the off. Frostgrave is definitely in "vogue" at the moment.

    Cheers Roger.

  2. Good looking terrain! Who does the crouching wraith?

  3. The crouching Wraith along with the two with the smaller scythes are from Black Tree Design. (The fourth is an old GW figure which you probably know)


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