Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Vietnam Demo game wrap up.

I feel that I have worked through the game as far as I could reasonably play it. At the end of turn nine I decided to call the game done. The result is still a bit unclear which is quite in theme with the Vietnam War. I could say the Free World Forces have won with 50 points to 48. What is bothering me is that should I count the refugees as being safely away from harm? There are VC on the same road threatening the HQ which is just managing to defend itself! Only one Rice Cache was found and one building set on fire and both platoons are down to one effective squad. On turn ten I could have set fire to another building but am nowhere near the hill containing the Tunnel complex. I am also short of ground personal to do anything active on the Free World side while the VC can still hit back.

Changing the cover rules to suit the VC and not counting casualties caused by Air Power has made some difference between the VC being effective or just being a speed bump for the Green Machine. I have also learned that it better to use a Big Mans activation points to remove shock points rather than activating units. (Unless you want to do something urgently). Now I have worked out the wrinkles in the rules and the scenario its probably time to play something else. (lol)

Another section suffering from MG fire

Three buildings searched

VC charge stalls with bad dice roll

Critical wound

VC advancing to Farm buildings


Mortars targeted on the exit road

VC about to charge for the second time

Three buildings searched, one Rice Cache found

VC mortars targeting the Cillians

VC attack faltered after melee

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