Saturday, 12 September 2015

Frostgrave WIP

I made a start on a Necromancers party and thought I'd take some photos before I do any sealing. The reason for doing this is I usually paint figures a bit on the dark side and sealing makes the figures even darker. I had the reaper figures (GW and Black Tree) in stock and wanted to use them for something similar for a Pulp setting but then Frostgrave came along.

The party consists of a Necromancer and his apprentice, an Archer, Treasure Hunter, three Infantrymen and a thief. I think my eyes are getting a bit weaker as I am having a problem painting the eyes and skin-tones as to how I envisioned them.

I am fairly happy as to the look of them but may need to highlight a bit more once the sealing has been done.

I have also started on a building which I had in mind for my Robin Hood Project but never got around to doing. It may be a bit too Fantasy for that though. The idea being that from one direction the building looks intact but from another it looks wrecked.

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