Sunday, 4 October 2015

Die-cast Vehicles.

Lately I have been collecting a few vehicles for various games.

First up a few Solido Vehicles bought in a job lot. The Stalwart can go in my Dr Who game I intend to paint. The PT76 will go in my Vietnam collection as I have another already. The M3 Halftrack will go into my Soviet WW2 force as my Americans have two already with four Corgi versions.

This Hummer or is it a HumVee? I was not certain about scale wise so bought just one in a local shop. When I got home I measured it at about 1/50th scale so went and bought two more.

I also bought this M113 which had a Giant sized 50cal on it which was removed. I measured it  against my unmade TAG versions and found that it was almost the same size. It is actually a M106 which is handy as I did not buy one when West Wind made them. I think I will just put a decent 50cal on and repaint it. I might get another two but that might be overkill for 28mm games.

I bought this 1/50th Corgi A team Van on Ebay for a reasonable price. It arrived a few days after my A team figures arrived which I hope to use for Zombie games.

I've often seen Submarines in toy shops which always look too small for 28mm games. However I think that this is just right and just needs water lining and a new conning tower added. I can fit three figures on the decks easily. I should be able to use it from Pulp era to Vietnam (I think).

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