Monday, 19 October 2015

1st proper game in my new gamesroom.

Just a quick note to say that a few friends came around for the first proper game in my room. Michael and Ray Hutcheson who I have played with for years took the part of the Americans. Colin Phillips of Radio Dishdash publishing Wargames rules took the VC, while I umpired. The game was just a continuation of my ongoing Vietnam Campaign which ended in a Minor victory for the Americans.

Some parts of the game seemed to struggle along which we felt was due to the unpredictability of the movement, giving me some thoughts on some House Rules for them. Much hilarity was had when the US dropped some Napalm on the hill containing the tunnel system. So much damage was done that we thought that it should be a once a game occurance. It also meant that the US could not advance for three turns over the bombed area.

I did not take any photos of the game but my partner took a couple on her iPad.

These are my ideas for House Rules for movement. I have highlighted the changes.
We (I) also forgot to use the modifiers which would have further slowed down the game. 


First dice =D6 move + 6 inches for each added dice.

TERRAIN TYPE                EXAMPLE                                   EFFECT

Hard ground                Road, trail or open ground                    1” per pip rolled

Light or Broken          Wet paddy fields, fords, light woods      -1 pips per dice

Heavy                          Stream, heavy jungle                            -2 pips per dice

Impossible                  Swamp or dense undergrowth              -3 pips per dice


First dice =D6 move + 6 inches for each added dice.


Slow tracks           No adjustment          -2” per dice                   -3” per dice

Average tracks      +1” per dice              -1” per dice                   -3” per dice

Fast tracks            +2” per dice               -1” per dice                  -3” per dice

Wheeled               Double pips               -2” per dice                   No move

Note. Impossible terrain no move for all types.


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