Sunday, 1 November 2015

Vietnam Demo Game conclusion.

I have finally gotten the scenario to a point where I can say that it is done. The US forces have taken the tunnel complex but have failed to find anything of interest (using the CDS chart). All VC resistance has ceased in the area of the farm on the Free Worlds right flank. Any VC on the left rear of the area has either withdrawn or has gone to ground. The Free World forces have only found one rice cache out of the suspected three, but has razed the Farm complex to the ground and removed the civilians from the area.

The game took three full days of gaming at home plus the two short days at the convention. I feel that the rules are not really designed for a game of this size so it would be unfair to judge them on that. I have been playing the last couple of sessions using dice to determine the units orders rather than using the cards. I will write these up once I have sorted out a couple of things that have been bothering me, such as the random events you get when using cards.

After the game I started to rearrange the table as if the Free World forces have been there for a week, and have been clearing trees to make space for Helicopter pads as well as other improvements. I also extended the playing area to give the VC some space to work in. More photos of that when I am happy with the set up. In the meantime here are the last photos of this scenario.

Tunnel Rat locating the Tunnel entrance.

Did I mention that I shot down a Helicopter (finally)?

Hill and Tunnel entrance secured.

Left Flank finally in good shape with a fresh Platoon arriving.

Remaining VC infantry in bad shape.

VC support in bad shape and about to withdraw.

I had planned to bring a Bull Dozer by CH47 but only half of it arrived from the factory along with a midget Driver. The supplier said that they would sort out the problem with the missing parts. I intend to replace the driver with one from Westwind Productions pictured lower right, and use the Dozer Driver as a Vietnamese youth to drive a wagon.

The Dozer is a WWII D7 but I have seen these used by the Koreans in Vietnam and figure that the ARVN Army probably used these as well. I'd love to get a Rome Plough but have not found anything suitable yet.

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  1. Very cool Dan. The bulldozer will be a nice edition for scenarios.


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