Monday, 23 November 2015

Dust Tactics Quonset Huts.

I picked these up ages ago with only a vague idea of what to do with them, but thought I'd be using them for my Future War games. I have made but not painted the Italeri Versions in 20mm for use in my Congo project and was able to compare these to get an idea of how to add some details which would make them suitable for Vietnam. These are not entirely correct but are close enough to game with.

 I added shutters over the windows and made up some Air conditioning vents by cutting up an old Tamiya Sherman engine deck. The units were left as single units so they could be used in either single, double or a full unit of three. Some of the units were fitted with a large garage type door which would be handy for more Modern games.

I had some Tamiya spray cans in a Dark and light Olive Drab which went over the black undercoat. After this dried I then dry brushed with Vallejo Brown Violet and Russian Uniform. I then used some Mig Vietnam dust around the bases and Water effect around the windows. (which can hardly be seen after Matt coating)


  1. Really nice work Dan! Those extra bits really did the trick.

  2. Lovely Vietnam set up- looks great.




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