Saturday, 20 February 2016

A bit of a catchup.

I seem to get very disorganised over the Christmas breaks as I usually take a few weeks off thinking that I can get work done around the house during the better weather. I also seem to think that I can take on an extra project for Wargaming. Well this year I achieved quite a bit around the house but fell short hobby wise.

This week I finished three different batches of painting and also found some photos of another batch of finished figures. Last night I found that there was nothing I could do on any painting project so started to assemble an M113 from TAG. I will space the posting of these completed items over the next couple of weeks.

I finished off a section of VC which will be used as either Local VC Hamlet defence or as Sappers, depending on the scenario. There are also a few figures to increase the strength of a couple of sections, plus a VC supply marker (TAG/Eureka) conversion. I did a few head and Hat swaps on these figures and also removed some equipment. These were the photos I found on my camera.


  1. I love the conversion figure - something I have wished the Eureka figure was right from the start.

  2. These are all very nice, but that bicyclist is superb!

  3. Very nice group, love this wonderful bicycle!

  4. Thanks chaps, seeing a few comments makes it all worth while.


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