Saturday, 27 February 2016

Company B Bulldozer and some US figures.

I bought the Company B bulldozer as there is nothing else available for Vietnam in this scale. It is a WW2 model but it was used by the Koreans so I thought it likely that the ARVN would likely have used them. The US seem to have used smaller Bulldozers but not this type from what I can see from my research.

I had issues getting all the parts from Company B which took about a month for them to supply the missing items. I still felt that things were missing so ended up using plastic disks and collars to mount the top end of the hydraulic arms to the link arms. The link arms were badly distorted so I had to cut up one of them into three parts to get them acceptable. Consulting the PDF from the site I found that I was supposed to mount the track units upside down!!! I instead followed some photos I found online and added two return rollers each side out of spare parts and scrap plastic. The driver I discarded as he was the size of an adolescent Asian boy and replaced him with a figure from Westwind. I did not glue this figure in as I can use a WW2 or Pulp type figure for other games. The Engine block was a work of art but some other items needed work to get them looking decent. The bonnet for instance needed a lot of sanding and filling as you could see the lines from the layers of plastic which were used to make the master. The tracks were all over the place so I covered them in dirt.  Turned out quite nice though after all the problems but I felt that I was back in the eighties.

As I needed a Driver figure I also painted up some other figures to use as Engineers or to crew heavy weapons like the recoilless Rifle. I also painted up an extra sniper and TAGs version of Dennis Hopper as he appears in Apocalypse Now. A nice figure but not that accurate as he looks like a Hippy with all that hair. There are also a couple of extra seated figures to put into my Local Bar or a truck.


  1. You did a fabulous job on the dozer. The figs look terrific as well.

  2. Cheers mate, much appreciated.


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