Saturday, 6 February 2016

Zulu Regiment Udlambedlu, The ill tempered.

I think I've left it a bit too long between painting Regiments as I made a mistake when doing the basing on these. I forgot to stir the Wood Stain which made the colour a shade of red which was not very pleasing. I then recovered the bases with the fully stirred stain in an attempt to hide the mistake. They were then still a bit on the red side so I tried to cover up by dry brushing a bit too heavily with the earth coloured paints. When I compared the bases with the other three regiments I found the basing was much lighter than the older ones.

However I figured that once I covered the bases with flock and grass tufts then the effect would not be as obvious. After I took the photos I broke open a couple of Army Painter grass tufts packets which I had been stockpiling and applied them to the bases of everything that I had finished so far.

I must say that I was really disappointed with how sparse the packets have become. The earlier packets I use for my Vietnam project seem to have many more tufts on the sheets. I tried to buy some more from several places but they seem to be either out of stock or out of production. I ordered some Gamers Grass from North Star to see if these are the same. These have not arrived yet. More photos after I do some flocking.

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