Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Militaria and Hats

A local online retailer had a batch of M65 liners just come in. I have been keeping my eye open for one as my jacket is a little loose on me so bought one straight away. It was only when I received it that I thought that I should have asked for an early dated one, they may have been all the same batch anyway? This one is an 88 dated one and is in new condition.

I was in the local Army Navy store today looking around and was asked twice "did I need some help" I enquired about Woodland Pattern Helmet covers. The guy went to a bin of brightly blue coloured cloth and pulled out a Woodland cover. I checked it out and said that it did not look like a real one. (meaning American issued with the correct makers label) The dude replied with "are you saying its fake?" rather abruptly. Oh dear. I felt like I'd offended him but he knows exactly what he has in stock. Turns out the cover was bought by NZDF with Korean M1 made Helmets but never issued.
It has a white made in Honduras label and was only $5 so I bought it. It has been made with Ripstop material which means it is quite thin so would go with my lighter jacket rather than the heavier Uniforms which is what I was after.

I have a little story for the next bit if you will indulge me. When my partner and I went to Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand I found that the Baseball Cap I bought from home was unsuitable. We spent long days out in the Sun looking around ruins and my head just cooked. I've spent plenty of time in Thailand, Hong Kong and the Philippines before but was indoors much of the time or in shelter so a decent hat is needed when exploring ruins. I bought a few hats when I bought the liner from the online retailer as I have a large head and find it difficult to get a large size. Unfortunately the bush hat looks a bit scruffy when I wear it so that will go in my Vietnam collection. It is a Milsim hat made to the usual specs.

This Cap is a Modern BD type. I bought it to throw in the car for work to wear under a hood for when it rains.

The hat below is the hat my partners niece helped me buy in Cambodia. Its the best thing to wear in the sun and rain but is very difficult to pack for travelling.

I might take this hat travelling with me as its supposed to be crushable, packable and floatable. Also very Indiana Jones, lol. Not sure if its going to be too hot to wear though. I might just end up buying a local hat again as we want to go to Cambodia again soon.

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