Sunday, 7 August 2016

Good Night Vietnam and Hello Zombies.

Well I decided that it was time to put away my Vietnam setup. It has been on my table for over a year which has given me quite a bit of fun. I feel that I need to paint another couple of Platoons of Infantry for each side to do the scenarios I have in mind. I am currently working on some guntrucks and will return to paint the Infantry when I can fit them into my schedule.

The last gaming session the VC had managed to break into the Firebase and caused quite a bit of damage to the Mortar pits, buildings and caused about 30% casualties to the US before slipping away into the night. Unfortunately I took the photos after I had taken the VC off the table. They had almost gotten to the HQ tent and driven the US forces back to the middle of the base.

After I put my Vietnam terrain away I found all my modern buildings and other bits and pieces for a Zombie setup. I was not sure what rules I am going to use but tried my Bolt Action mods with some friends which did not work as satisfactory as I had hoped. I am currently working on some SWAT figures and a bit of terrain for this.

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  1. Your Vietnam terrain looks amazing and I am sure you will have fun with the zombies-they are a great genre...


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