Saturday, 20 August 2016

Modern Terrain and SWAT team.

I finally finished the Caravan (or should I say Trailer?) that I teased earlier. It was inspired by Jim Rockfords Trailer but since I could not find up close photos of the original I went slightly wrong with the windows. Not to worry as these were built from the late 50's according to a reference I found online so would have loads of variation. I can use it in Vietnam or anywhere more Modern. You probably cannot see from the photos that I used pre scribed panels which I was hoping the wash would bring out more. The wheels are the second set I've tried on it from an Airfix Scammell trailer. I think that they are a bit over scale but look correct. I may go back and correct these later.

I made a Diesel Tank out of a HO/OO kit that I was given at the Railway shop. It looks about the right size and supposed to be plastic rather than steel. It holds fuel for the Generators (still being prepped) that provide power to the Refrigerator Containers. Hopefully it can be kept supplied so there is not another Zombie outbreak. (but that would be no fun)

I dug out some SWAT figures from Foundry that have been in my Lead pile for about ten years. I wanted a SWAT team to provide security for the Zombie Containment farm. The spotter is from TAG. I have named the Blond bloke Bojo as he reminds me of Boris Johnson.

My terminators have been languishing in a box for years and have never been used in a game. I thought that I should get them out and try and make up some stats for them using Bolt Action. So far I have found it impossible to kill them so have settled on pinning them which slows them down for awhile. I think I will have to mount some HMG's on trucks and will have to buy some Bazooka or RPG armed figures. I should have some spare VC with Bazookas in my spare pile, I wonder?

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