Sunday, 14 August 2016

Sharp Practice 2 at Call to Arms.

I was invited to join in a game of Sharp Practice put on by a couple of gaming friends Ray and Peter plus their sons Michael and Simon. I just provided a bridge, a bit of road and a house.

I was in charge of  the Russian Cavalry which was actually Prussians, but I would not have known the difference. I can manage French, Spanish and British but struggle with anything else in this era.

 The game was good fun but not fought till the end as we packed up early. We decided that the French could not hold on much longer to the wagon which was the objective.

I liked the rules so much that I am thinking of using them for Zulu rather than use Black Powder. I feel they should work with a few modifications which I have found on the Net.

This unit of Cavalry managed to make quite an impact but I was told that I threw their lives away frivolously.

The remainder of the Cavalry I massed on the other flank drawing away the French Cavalry.

The Wagon was about to be taken away by the Russian Light Infantry but was hotly contested by the French who won it back.

The Russian Infantry about to replace the Light Infantry after wiping out most of the French in front of them.

My Cavalry waiting to charge across the river but being hit by the French artillery.

One unit distracting the French Cavalry.

My remaining right Flank Cavalry unit.

This Pegasus Church really impressed me. I think it was being used in the 40k tournament.
I only bought a single box of Warlord Unmarried Zulus but sold NZ$270 worth of old models and buildings at the event. Over the next couple of days I ordered Sharp Pratice2 with the cards. Through the Mud and the Blood as I need rules for my WW1 project (unpainted). Upgraded my Bolt Action Rule book with a set of Plastic Japanese Infantry, plus ordered another box of Umarried Zulus and a sprue of the British Infantry to make sure I got free shipping.

Von Peter himself has posted a much more detailed report of this game with more photos here.


  1. Nice looking game, beautiful table!

  2. Simon and I both enjoyed the day/game. Calm relaxed and low key suited us just fine. So thanks to yourself, Ray & Michael for a game well played.

    "This unit of Cavalry managed to make quite an impact but I was told that I threw their lives away frivolously."

    I agree with the first part of that sentence. They cleaned up several "groups" of French infantry which meant that my incoming musketeers were not overly distracted AND they wiped out the top two French leaders.

    As for "frivolously" throwing away their lives ... the sounds like embittered Frenchman talk! 8O)

    von Peter himself

    1. I am sure the comment was made in jest, but all taken in good fun. I seem to enjoy using Cavalry which is the opposite of my usual personality traits, but then I used to play Russians in FOW.


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