Friday, 1 September 2017

V-100 Commando and prisoners.

This Verlinden V-100 Commando has been kicking around my painting area for awhile. It was almost finished just before I went on a three week holiday to Thailand and Cambodia with my partner. I will try and find some relevant photos of that later but did not see much Military related to talk about.

The Commando is a pretty solid bit of resin. The only worry I have is that the mg barrels will be broken with rough handling, luckily they did supply two sets of spare barrels.

The Commander is a cut down West Wind figure, while the driver has a Warlord WW2 head and greenstuff body.

Like always I was really happy with the paint job, and then I clear coated it which made it go all dark again. However I am happy with how it turned out but will add some stowage and further matt down the decals.

The prisoners were converted from TAG's civilian hostage pack. The US figure has lower legs that were removed from the V-100 Commander figure. I forgot to add pockets on his trousers till the painting stage. Some of the details on the Vietnamese figures aren't quite right but does it matter?

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