Saturday, 23 June 2018

1st Corp Oxen Teams

I mentioned in my last post that I had bought some Oxen Teams from 1st Corp. These turned out very nice but were tricky to paint as they were painted separately and then based. I then sculpted the yokes out of some hobby wood and then made and painted the neck parts out of paper clips. These were then half painted and attached to the necks and yokes and then the top parts were then painted and all were varnished. The Oxen have only one pose but you don't really notice it. The Team Handlers are a little small compared to my other figures but  painted up nicely.

 I also painted up some really old Hinchcliffe French Horses to pull my Ammo wagon. I think their age is showing a little but they will do for now. All the teams were unfortunately varnished very heavy handed by me and came up gloss. I had to hand Varnish them again but they now look really dark. The Wagon Driver and Native team handler are from North Star. All Wagons are from 4Ground which still look really large to me.

I had ordered an extra Oxen Team so bought a Boer Wagon. I had three different unsuccessful attempts to do the cover, and ended up using a serviette from a Take-away as it was nice and thick and also lacked any pattern impressed in it. Unfortunately I managed to distort the first hoop but did not notice until too late. Its also too tall to fit in my storage box with the other wagons so has to lay on its side.

When I ordered the Boer Wagon I also ordered the Civl War Ambulance. Little did I realise that it was Huge and can't see how you would lift a casualty into it. I modified it to look like the Command Wagon from the Film Zulu Dawn. I have a figure in mind to be glued inside as Pulleine. I also found a use for the single based Infantry figure I mentioned in an earlier post.

 I hope this is Legal? I took some scene shots of the Wagon from The Film "Zulu Dawn" my version is quite a bit different but I hope it gives the impression of a Command wagon, if such a thing existed.


  1. Lovely looking wagon Train. The scratchmade yolks are very neat

  2. Thanks, there were moments when I was convinced that the yokes would go horribly wrong and I would have to abandon the idea.

  3. Always glad to see this kind of unit on our tables, well done!


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