Saturday, 30 June 2018

Battle For Berlin - Borgward Wanze

Isn't it funny how how some ideas keep resurfacing in this Hobby of ours? Often we have a mad idea that gets put aside when other projects need to be completed. I had a 15mm Battle for Berlin German force, as well as a Soviet force to oppose it. Some time ago it was used in a massive Battle in my old games-room with a former Club-mate.  My Germans were made using mainly German Tank crews with over-coats from Greenstuff. I don't think I could do that again as my eyes need reading glasses these days and my hands are less flexible than they used to be. So when I saw that Warlord had brought out The Last Levy I just had to buy it. This sat in my Lead pile till I was interested again by the Building of the Reichstag link on Lead Adventure. There is no way that I am going to copy this build and will instead focus on a general looking street area. 

I have had a Dust Tactics Operation Cerebus set kicking around for awhile in a semi complete state and meant to finish it over the Xmas break. However my partner decided that I should instead paint the kitchen. The kit gives enough parts to make a three story building, but I wanted to make two seperate buildings which meant tracking down some extras on eBay and using plastic card for the rear walls. I also made some resin windows which I have posted about earlier. Lately (because its too wet to work outside) I have made some progress. I need to pour some more windows to put into the roofs. I'd like to add a third story to these, and I wish I could get hold of more of these kits but they seem to be out of production. I bought the last in store from the Dust website and one from eBay. These are the smaller tenement buildings which I am still playing around with. The idea is of using them on the board edge and they will be open at the backs. Not all of Berlin was bombed out so I might be able to just make wrecked roofs for these and the other buildings as alternatives.

Now onto the Wanze. I really like this little vehicle but as most of my Late War vehicles are 1/48th and 1/50th I have had to compromise and buy this 1/56th version from Warlord. Its a nice little model but feel that 1/48th is a better scale as they have made the gunner tiny, to made him look correct with the vehicle. I know he is supposed to be a boy soldier but his head is tiny compared to the boy and girl soldiers in the Last Levy set. I noticed that the US Tank Commanders I bought from Warlord are also seriously under scale when compared to their Soldiers. I painted the Wanze following John Bonds method link but afraid that I went off script and started dry brushing and my own methods to weather it.

I also have five resin wrecked two story buildings which need to be remodelled. They were bought second hand and I have done nothing with. I also found another Blogger has done this setting before using MDF buildings. link  which is worth looking at for ideas. I think I need to do a good job so this will be an occasional project. I also really need to finish off my AZW collection as well as some more Vietnam related painting.

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