Saturday, 16 June 2018

Tintin and Pals

While looking for some Oxen to pull my 4Ground Wagons I found that 1st Corp had some very reasonably priced teams available. I also noticed that they had a set of Tintin characters. Now when I was a kid back in the Late sixties early Seventies we (my Brother and I) had only the Beano and Dandy as Comics while our rich cousins had such exotic items such as Tintin and Asterix.  I did not have much exposure to Tintin until the Movie came out but he always seemed an interesting character. 

The figures are really well sculpted and painted up well. I managed to paint Tintin with Rosy cheeks but am disappointed that the photos don't really show them well. I hope they produce the Thompson Twins next.

 I made a mistake in gluing the figures down to bottle tops and did not think about basing until they were varnished. However I came up with an idea to use some Warlord plastic bases glued back to back. The top recess hides the figures bases well, while the bottom recess hides the magnetic sheet.  I was lucky to find the sheet in a mixed packet in a 2 Dollar shop which has the correct circumference. I later wished that I had sculpted a Cobblestone surface.

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  1. Nice work! I remember the Tintin cartoons on TV and liked the movie.


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