Saturday, 6 April 2019

Neromundan Forklift

Just a bit of terrain for my Necromunda setting. Its not really GW style but neither is my terrain. I have settled on a more Future Wars look as I will get more use out of it than a purely GW supplied setup. Its cheaper that way too.

The forklift was in a packet of a truck from which I wanted to use the wheels to convert my Gun Trucks for Vietnam. I nearly threw the Forklift away but the hoarder in me wouldn't allow that. The driver is a plastic Catachan which scales out quite well. A normal 28mm figure would look wrong.

I had been quietly working away on some terrain for this setting over Christmas but have not touched it for a couple of months. I have base-coated some bits with spray cans but wanted to try out the rusting etc on the Forklift first.

I thought I'd taken photos of the walkways but they must be on my phone. I will take some better ones to update this.

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