Saturday, 18 May 2019

Renegade Early War French

I was going to claim that this was the quickest paint job ever as this was just a repaint. However it did not work out that way but was still done in about half the time that it would have done from scratch. These were originally painted as Foreign Legion for Pulp games painted in Khaki. I knew the uniforms would be incorrect but it was in a Pulp setting so did not worry me too much. It turned out that they were used once for a game of Contemptible Little Armies and once in a Pulp setting against my Tomb Kings Army and had lain unused for about ten years. A friend has bought some Early War Germans so I thought I'd repaint these which meant that caps, trousers, coats, leather equipment, water bottles all needed a repaint. I left the flesh as is and painted wood grain onto the rifles using the older dark brown as a base. I had some problems with taking the photos as the blue turned out really light and did not look like the paint jobs. I eventually used a white background but did not have enough light so had to lighten them in Photoshop. I might have to invest in a Light Box set up soon.

I have ordered some figures from the Northstar Artisan range to fill out the units. These figures are rather large and out of production so I could have some issues matching them. The Great War figures are a little smaller so I would put them in different units should I need more. I intend getting the Cavalry and Artillery from Great War at this stage and have also found some prone figures sculpted by Steve Barber which I may get as another squad.

The first photos I showed to a mate prompted him to call them "Ultra Marines"!

First squad in lighter Blue Caps.

Second squad in Dark Blue Caps. 

HMG Teams.

Command Squads in Red Caps. The far right figure will Command the Colonial Troops when they arrive.


  1. Wonderful job - and colors - love the MG's vignettes, 'Très bon travail'...


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