Saturday, 17 October 2020

Celtic Chariots J K L

 These are the last three Chariots (for now) which are also Renegade but with Wargames Factory Horses. These are not as nice as the Victrix Horses but they were all I had to replace the originals bought when Wargames Factory were still selling. The riders etc are mainly Victrix but with one Black Tree Design figure. My order of more Chariots have arrived with the transfers I was waiting for.

I have some better news about my old iMac. I found that I can still look at the files on it by using Finder on my new iMac. I had thought that I should have shared the folders the way you would on a PC but find its not necessary on iMacs. So I am spending way too much time looking for things I need rather than spending time on my hobby. Time Machine stopped working about eighteen months ago and even with a new drive I could not get it to work. That should have been the time to buy a replacement Mac. I did consider going back to a PC but am glad I stuck to Apple. I was really pleased to be able to recover all my TooFatLardies PDF's in particular as I want to see if I can find someone at the Club to play CoC with. 

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