Friday, 9 October 2020

Celtic Chariots G H I

Well I am a week late in posting this next lot of photos. My old iMac decided that it had enough of life and now has a black screen, it seems to be alive but has no Video. I'm told this is normal for iMacs. 

I was only about three days without a PC but it has taken time to set things up again and enjoy using the new one before catching up. So far with trying to write this post I have to say is the most painful experience I have had with this Blog. I started off using Chrome which then decided that it would hide my photos from me. I then switched to Safari which loads the photos in completely random fashion which is then really difficult to rearrange in the correct order. The photos in the Photo program are so small that you cannot see which Chariot you want to pick unless you have your face a foot away from the screen. On my old Mac I could load the windows into a temporary page at a decent size and then pick which ones to put on the Blog in the correct order. The strangest thing is that the new folder I created to load these photos in has been automatically dated as January 1970! If I don't get the hang of this it will be the end of the Blog. It took so long to write I ended up with a headache

These next Chariots are Renegade metal versions. I had used the original Horses for my Robin Hood project as they looked like great big Cart Horses rather than the smaller ones which would have been more suitable. The new horses (ponies?) are Wargames Factory and some really old Foundry. This batch are using Foundry Metal Horses.


  1. Impressive and superb chariots!

  2. I had a think about some of my comments and now realise that I first got a bit frustrated loading and setting up Norton on my iMac and phone before writing my post. I've never bothered with antivirus on my Apple products before so it was a new experience for me. Work has so much security on our Laptops and phones that using an iMac was a refreshing break previously. I've thought of another way of loading photos and hopefully it will be easier next time.


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