Sunday, 8 November 2020

Great War Miniatures French Cavalry

These are the Cuirassiers with the Command and Trooper packs. For the painting I followed some plates I found on the internet as well as Mark Hargreaves "Over Open Sights" painted examples but changed a couple of colours to suit my taste.

I thought at first that the horses look really small but later changed my mind. I have some Renegade German Cavalry to paint at some stage which have larger horses so it should be interesting to see a comparison. I didn't plan the basing very well and just grabbed some that I bought for DBMM. These being 60x30mm.

I used my phone Camera again but now see that I cant see the subtle differences that using a wash and then a highlight brings out, so may go back to using my Camera again. The faces and Helmets in particular look much better in reality.

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