Thursday, 5 February 2015

Collecting Vietnam 4.

 These items are not genuine but fit the theme that I am going for.

I mentioned earlier that I had been given a Thai Army Uniform with a 90's manufacturing date. It has machined Sergeants stripes and crossed rifles on the collars which cannot be removed. The pattern seems consistent with some sixties items I have viewed on the Net but has epaulets and waist tabs. It might just past muster as a Vietnam item for paintball but I'd much rather have a genuine one.

I have also a scarf bought in Cambodia photographed with a cap bought in Thailand, which looks good but I have no idea if its even a Military type.

I also bought this book recently. I had the choice of a genuine item from the sixties or this reprint. Now the older one looked a bit grotty in the photo so I choose the reprint. Unfortunately this version has been updated with new weapons like the M4 and other new postwar information. An interesting read as I sat down and read all 32 pages as soon as I got it, but not genuine for Vietnam era.

I have been debating with myself if I should use an Easy Rider poster which I bought for my bedroom wall in about 1974? The movie was released in 1969, but would the troops have ever seen it? I have also been collecting images of Raquel Welch which I intend to print out and put on a board with my badges. A few trips around second hand shops did not uncover much other than a Ford Mutt pencil sharpener made in Hong Kong. Its a good size for 28mm but I intend converting it to an armoured version as its not very well made.

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