Thursday, 5 February 2015

Collecting Vietnam items 3.

Well this could really be part 3, 4 and 5 as I seem to be perpetually waiting for items to arrive in the post. It has certainly turned into a new obsession for me which means that I have stopped stocking up on figures for the moment.

 First up a badge from the 1st Cavalry which I bought on Ebay for about seven bucks including postage from the States.

I then bought a bulk lot of webbing on Trademe for $80. This is a mixed lot consisting of two Nylon Kiwi ammo pouches from the 80's (I think). Two Aussie manufactured M-56 Ammo pouches. An M-56 shoulder strap. The belt is an M-56 pattern but I don't know when it was manufactured. Some of the buckles are a bit rusted which I will try some rust converter on at some stage.

I received two parcels on the same day which consisted of a Davis waist belt and a 1964 dated water bottle and cup with an undated cover. The cover has a really rusted water purification tablet bottle fitted into the pouch which I had always wondered what it was for. With the water bottle was also a cooking plate and tablet (NZ made but British pattern?). It also had two spare belt clips.

So everything assembled would look something like this.

I have some other webbing items that I have my eye on but really need a helmet cover and some fatigues, plus a couple of water bottle covers.

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