Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Games room interior paint.

Things are moving slowly since I have been back at work as I can only work weekends and an occasional evening. The ceiling has been painted and I have started to put some top coat on the walls.
I am happy with the shade of white on the ceiling but can still see some areas to touch up. I had some reservations about the shade of green while painting around the edges, but really loved the colour once I started with the roller.

I have heard some complaints about the mess outside through my partner. So it looks like I will have to put the painting on hold while I get a skip in and clear the section. I'd much rather finish the painting and get the electrician in to finish off and then tidy up. Looks like we will have to get a skip in twice which bleeps me off no end. Or I could just shift it out of sight which means moving it twice.


  1. That green would make a great table top color as well, wouldn't it?

    -- Jeff

  2. I like it. The colour would work well as a background to hobby prints and posters.

  3. Very nice colour. Some camo-pattern curtains would go well with it :-)

  4. I think I would have been intimidated by it at the paint store, but it looks great.

  5. Funny thing is that the paint is actually a colour my brother selected to paint his table. I bought a test pot to use myself and then thought that it would make a good wall paint. Since I decided to use the colour I've noticed a similar shade for Steve Magarrett's office in the original Hawaii 5 O series, and lots of other seventies programmes. Plus a few other games room which is good as it could have easily turned out to be a bad choice,


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